University of La Verne announces the Scholarship Notice of International Exchange Program

  • 12 Январь , 2022
University of La Verne announces the Scholarship Notice of International Exchange Program in Business Strategy, Financial Decisions, Marketing Management, Project Management, Public Administration, Leading & Coaching and Business English for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
Benefit: 70% of the full tuition
Host institution: University of La Verne
Exchange period: 3 weeks
Intake: Winter 2023 and Summer 2023
Registration Period: January 11th to January 23rd
Eligibility Criteria
Any student who, by the time of the chosen intake, has met all three requirements below:
  • Being 18 years old.
  • Having successfully completed the 4th semester of undergraduate degree for the regular tracks; or finished their graduation for the advanced tracks.
  • Having at least an intermediate level of proficiency in English.
As a way of welcoming the student to explore the following certificate program options, our team is available to assist here.
  • Advanced Topics In Business Strategy
  • Advanced Topics in Financial Decisions and Corporate Policy
  • Advanced Topics In Marketing Management
  • Advanced Topics in Project Management
  • Contemporary Topics in Public Administration
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Leading & Coaching The Human Organization
  • Strategy & Marketing
  • Business English
Steps of the process
  • Complete the online Application.
  • Applications will be accepted starting January 11th.
  • In the online application, you will be asked to briefly describe the reason you are applying for this scholarship and describe how the program will help you attain your personal and/or professional goals.
  • Delivery of final documentation by the selected candidates in this selection process.
  • Scholarship recipients will be notified individually after 10 days.