Department of Philosophy

About department

The Chair of Philosophy as a separate educational and scientific subdepartment was founded in 2006 to serve the entire university. In 2009 a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (code 030100.62) opened on the basis of the Chair. Since 2012 while continuing to serve the entire university, the Chair has become part of the Institute of Humanities. The Chair does research of quite a vast range of problems. The main directions of the Chair are as follows: the problem of the nature of philosophy and philosophical knowledge through the lens of highlighting the peculiarities of the object of philosophy and its distinction from objects of other forms of spiritual culture; the problem of the philosophy of conscience; the problem of cultural and psychological aspects of philosophical and social anthropology; philosophical problems of education; the philosophical aspect of the problem of international tolerance. Together with the center of educational studies and information technologies of Yerevan State University, the Chair devises an experimental project in conducting the discipline “Concepts of Modern Natural Science” online.
A laboratory of sociological studies is planned to be launched. The Chair cooperates with higher educational institutions of Armenia and Russia as well as a number of EU universities.

  1. RAU Chair of Philosophy cooperates with the Chair of Psychology and Philosophy of Kuban State Technological University.
  2. RAU Chair of Philosophy cooperates with the Chair of Theoretical Philosophy and Logics of Yerevan State University.
  3. RAU Chair of Philosophy cooperates with the International Council for Philosophical Inquiry with Children (USA).
The Chair conducts monthly theoretical seminars where employees of other RAU Chairs and Chairs of Philosophies of other universities of Armenia are invited.