Department of Armenian Language and Literature

About department

The Chair of Armenian Language and Literature was founded in 2000. Initially it was called the Department of Armenian Studies. Since 2008 the Chair was headed by Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor A. Yeghiazaryan. The main function of the Chair is to teach the Armenian language to those students who do not speak Armenian or speak it poorly. In training, the emphasis is put on proficiency in written and spoken Armenian. All methods pursue one common goal, i.e to develop the skills of oral communication and writing. For this purpose, both various methodological manuals and works of Armenian literature are widely used. This contributes to the deepening of the knowledge of the Armenian language and the cultivation of aesthetic taste among students. For this purpose, methodological manuals are being created at the Chair: “Armenian Language (manual for RAU students) Part II”, “Collection of Exercises in the Armenian Language”, “Armenian Language Manual”, “Let's Speak Armenian”, “Armenian Language: Criteria of Assessment of Students' Knowledge by levels”.
Various problems of teaching the Armenian language are discussed at scientific and methodological seminars.
In January 2016 training courses were organized for the teaching staff of the Chair. Famous linguists and literary critics lectured at the courses: professors A. Yeghiazaryan, L. Khachatryan, S. Danielyan, director of the H. Acharyan Institute of Language of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia V. Katvalyan, Ph.D., critic A. Nikoghosyan.
Modern Armenian writers often visit with lectures, among them Hovik Vardumyan, Sona Van, Karine Danielyan, Armenuhi Sisyan, Usik Ara and others.
The Chair traditionally organizes quizzes dedicated to the Armenian language and culture, in which all the Institutes of the University take part.
Among the important events organized by the Chair conferences dedicated to the Armenian epic and its connections with other epics of the world should be noted, in which not only Armenian scientists, but also specialists from the USA, Germany, Abkhazia, India, and other countries take part. Evenings and conferences are also held dedicated to the work of famous Armenian writers: Sayat-Nova, H. Tumanyan, Ye. Charents, H. Matevosyan, P. Sevak, S. Kaputikyan, H. Shiraz.